The Fox on the Vox
The Tease on the Keys
Organ, Vocals

"The first time I saw Lana, she was playing with the Bonniwell Music Machine in L.A. in 2001. One year later, to the day, I received a bulk mail telling me about a show at a club I'd never been to. I'd also never heard of the band that was playing that night (The SDBO; San Diego's Beat Club). As I almost never go out, I have no idea what drew me there. To my surprise, there was Lana, wailing on a big old Hammond organ. Even though she had obviously been over-indulging in the booze department, her organ skills remained unhampered. In fact, quite the opposite! Unlike the "Garage" organists I'm used to, Lana grooved ... soulful, funky, dirty, nasty, and sexy! I made up my mind on the spot she was going to be the next Fuzztone".

- Rudi Protrudi

Lana joined the Fuzztones in 2005 after organizing and playing the Bonniwell Music Machine's first and only European Tour in 2004 (along with bassist Robert Ampersand).