Vox 12-String Phantom, Phantom 6-String, Vocals, Dewar's White Label

Philip Arriagada met Rudi through a mutual friend in Los Angeles in 1990.  
He tells the story:

"We met through a seamstress.  I think Rudi and I were going to her for the same reason - we couldn't find the clothes we wanted to wear.  So we had them made.  He was into paisley and nehru collared shirts, and I was having big, billowy sleeved Elizabethan shirts and crushed velvet jackets made.  Everybody in Los Angeles at the time was trying to look like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, so naturally we stood out like sore thumbs.  She knew my look and had heard my music, so she put me in touch with Rudi."
I auditioned at a rehearsal room with Rudi, Mike Czekaj and Chris Harlock.  They didn't have an organist at the time.  I remember Rudi having me play rhythm, solos, and even singing a little bit.  After that night, I was invited to play a 'trial' gig.  It was to be New Year's Eve in San Diego."
"On the way to the gig, I was driving myself and my girlfriend to the venue, and a woman blindsided me from out of the blue.  Rammed right into me. We weren't hurt, but I got held up with the police and the debris.  I was only one block from the gig, but I was late showing up and I thought, great, this will probably cost me the slot in the band.  Then towards the end of the show, Rudi announced that this was the new lineup.   ...A nice ending to an almost disastrous night."

Mike, Chris and I were in the process of reforming The Fuzztones
when my clothing designer recommended I audition one of her clients.
Phil arrived at rehearsal attired in white ruffled shirt, leather
jacket and skin-tight black jeans. With his long black hair, he seemed
the perfect candidate for second guitarist. Only one thing was askew.
Black platform shoes. He sailed through the audition, adding tasty licks
on the Vox 12-string. The band was impressed by his virtuosity.
Chris, in typical droll understatement, only had 4 words to say to the newcomer:
"Lose the shoes, Dude."

- Rudi -