Drums, backing and occasional lead vocals, howls, screams.


Summoning the demons...

...Blast off to Kicksville
Mike was in a band in Connecticut and they used to play NYC once a year. I went to every one of their shows, hounding him for 7 years to join the Fuzztones. One night at a party, a mutual friend told me that Mike's band finally broke up. Within a week he was living in the East Village and playing with the Fuzztones, replacing Ira Elliot.

Mike and Rudi upon their L.A. arrival
With Michael Jay, we spent one year auditioning guitarists before eventually giving up and moving to L.A. Mike accurately chronicled our hellish 8 day cross-country van excursion in "Blackout" (Braindrops), which included UFO sightings, ten breakdowns (usually in the desert at night), and more than a few supernatural occurances. - RUDI

Walkin' alone, the desert night, life of it's own
No shooting star will put you right
Your head is blown
You see a name down in the sand
Written in stone
You see a girl there to your right
But you're all alone

Could be the speed workin' on your mind
Can't stop the car
Over the edge, over the line
Pushed way to far
The desert night wants you to know
How young you are