Rickenbacker Bass

"I met Rudi in NYC in 1978 when I was still in Art School. He asked me to join his band Tina Peel, but I joined the Speedies instead. We played many shows together in NYC between 1979-1981 at places like Max's & Hurrah.

I photographed Tina Peel (Rudi's band previous to the Fuzztones) at my girlfriend, Michelle's loft in Soho. After the photo session we made the mistake of going swimming in a local pool where we were jumped by a gang of thugs and nearly beaten to death. They had stolen Rudi's wallet from his clothes, while we were in the pool, and we ran into an ambush trying to catch them. I was knocked unconscious while trying to divert attention from a small group that had Rudi encircled.
I moved to LA in 1982 with my then girlfriend, Theresa. I played the LA Punk circuit with a few bands, Rik L Rik, The Born Losers, and an early incarnation of Junkyard, called The Strepados.

I joined the Fuzztones in 1986. Early in 86, Rudi visited LA for a short spell, and I took him around town to all the local hot spots. In fact, Deb came to LA around the same time, I showed her around as well. I met Jordan in 86 in LA and we've been best of friends ever since. We started rehearsing with the Fuzztones in the fall of 86 and did our first gigs in early 87."
- John Carlucci, 2000 -

Longtime colleague of Rudi's from the New York days of The Fuzztones, John joins the band in Rudi's new hometown, Los Angeles.
1997 Plays a handful of shows in Los Angeles with the reunited Fuzztones from 1987-90 lineup.