VOX Combo Organ

The Gentle Fuzztone. Jason was the only native Californian in the L.A. line-up, and the Fuzztones were the first band he ever played in. His debut show was at Amsterdam's Paradiso in front of 1500 people. He co-wrote "Skeleton Farm." Played on "In Heat" album, "Action" EP and several singles.
Jason appeared in the videos "Nine Months Later," "Girl, You Captivate Me," and "Hurt On Hold." He toured Canada and Europe with the Fuzztones from 1987 to 1990.Jason's quirky organ style lent an ironic humor to the band's head-on fuzz assault. He returned in 1997 to participate in a handful of reunion shows and joined Link Protrudi and the Jaymen during their "exotic" phase.