Photo by Kostandinos Dagas

This line-up features members from previous lineups including original organist,Deb O'Nair.

The band toured Greece & Spain in February, and Italy & Greece in June.
 While in Rome on a day off,they recorded the three song single "Help
Murder Police" for Misty Lane Records.Upon their return to the U.S.,
they recorded the first Fuzztones album in ten years.

In October, The Fuzztones participated in the Cavestomp concert series held in New York.
 Besides a kickass set of their own, Rudi, Deb, and Phil were joined by Sean Bonniwell and
Ron Edgar to perform a short set of Music Machine classics. During the set, Sean announced
that Rudi was responsible for bringing him out of retirement.

From the AN Club website

Gazi Open Air, Athens, Greece, June 13, 2001.
Photo by Kostandinos Dagas

During "Don't Blow Your Mind".
Photo by Kostandinos Dagas

Photos of The Fuzztones & The Music Machine at Cavestomp October 2001