"Rudi told us to dye our hair black, and straighten it into bowl cuts, and we did. Burned our brains out with that lye stuff, but we did it anyway. Both Mikey and I did it the same day and he called me that night, and he's like, 'Is your head oozing?' And I'm like 'Yeah, what's going on?' And he's like, 'I don't know, maybe we should go to the hospital."

- Elan Portnoy

"Michael and Elan had seen the original line-up when we played the big Psychedelic Weekend show at the Cavern, and approached me about joining after the band already had broken up. I had no intention of continuing, but once I heard them I was blown away, and knew I had no choice." - Rudi

With the addition of Michael Jay and Elan Portnoy the transition from the original line-up to the "Lysergic" line-up began, initiating what would soon be recognizable as the "Fuzztones sound."

"The Fuzztones were wearing Wayfarer shades and growing their hair into sheepdog bangs long before any of this garage-rock revival talk started. Now the Fuzztones are at the center of a loyal cult of Sixties retro-rockers - those time-warped fanatics who don't just play and enjoy the music, but live it.

The Fuzztones' chops are first-rate. Lead by Rudi Protrudi and Deb O'Nair (ex-Tina Peel), the Fuzztones handle both obscure psychedelic oldies and new-age originals with a sweaty dynamism. These guys allways put on a good show and even a psychedelic lightshow on occasion."

- Living Eye magazine 1983

This line-up recorded several demos, most notably "The Witch," "Don't Do It Some More," "Green Slime," "Ward 81" and "Fabian Lips," all of which can be heard on "Creatures That Time Forgot." They played several shows in NYC and Washington D.C.