Paul Horstermans, Branded in Thailand!

It happened probably in early 1985 when I was blown away by the bone-crunching Fuzztones for the first time. A friend of mine had recorded a compilation tape containing selected tracks of his favorite bands. The tape included two Fuzztones tracks and when I heard ‘Gotta get some’ and ‘Green slime’, the sound instantly mesmerized me. I was absolutely thrilled and severely hooked by their energetic, raw, and psychedelic sound, which truly gave me a mental orgasm. The next day I excitedly bought their debut album ‘Lysergic emanations’, which even today I still frequently play. I tried to follow the Fuzztones since then and was fortunate to experience their legendary performance at the 1989 ‘Neuro Rock Festival’ in Belgium. During their gig at this festival there were a few dick heads (Meteors fans) who continuously threw dirt to the band. After a while some of the band members had enough of this shit and furiously jumped offstage giving these annoying cock ends a few deserved punches. After the brawl the band decided to stop playing but appeared on stage again due to the crowd shouting “Fuzztones, Fuzztones, Fuzztones”. Luckily this convinced them to complete their excellent gig. Two years later I saw them again. It was during their 1991 European tour. The band played in a small venue (Fenix) in the southern Dutch town of Sittard, just a few miles away from where I lived.

I’m 42 now and moved in 2001 from the Netherlands to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. In downtown Chiang Mai I did run a bar, which was named ‘The Doors Music Pub’ for three years. Off course I did bring my Fuzztones CD collection along and introduced many customers to the music of the band. Almost daily tracks from; ‘Live in Europe’, Lysergic Ejaculations’, ‘Brain Drops’, ‘In Heat’, ‘Creatures that time Forgot’, ‘Teen Trash’, ‘Monster A-Go-Go’ and ‘Lysergic Emanations’ largely contributed to my pub’s pleasurable ambience.

Sadly I still didn’t manage to purchase the ‘Salt for Zombies’ album. One time an English friend mailed the CD to me but unfortunately the fucking parcel never arrived while the other time was last year when I went back to the Netherlands, the record shop had to order the album, which would take about one week and that was too long as I had to catch my plane after three days! However, luckily I could find two other much wanted albums, which included: ‘Link Protrudi & the Jaymen’ (Seduction) and Rudi’s highly entertaining; ‘It’s a White Trash Thing’.
I’ve always wanted to have the awesome Fuzztones logo under my skin for the rest of my live. Somehow I never had it done earlier but finally in the first week of 2008 my wish became reality. Although the guitars don’t have the exact shape, I’m fucking proud of my Fuzztones tattoo! The Thai dude who made the tattoo photographed his work when it was completed. The photo is now hanging on one of his tattoo studio’s walls. If I had to stay on a deserted island for the rest of my life and allowed to bring three CDs along, than my choice would be: The Doors: The Doors Lou Reed: Rock ‘N Roll Animal THE FUZZTONES: Lysergic emanations

You guys are really cool to offer anyone who sends in a Fuzztones logo tattoo a free gig ticket. I guess the Fuzztones will never perform in Thailand and therefore obviously can’t benefit from this great offer. Maybe you dudes could send me a copy of the ‘Salt for Zombies’ CD. That really would make me happy as fuck! J The Fuzztones definitely rank among my personal top 5 of the greatest bands ever and listening to their music is the reason why I still feel, think and often behave like a teenager. Back in 1985 I knew already that the band’s music was going to be a source of inspiration for many years to come. LONG LIVE THE FUZZTONES, the fuzz goes on!

I’m looking forward to see my photo and letter on the site.

With psychedelic brightly colored regards.

Paul Horstermans