Hey, guys!!! My name's Enrico, I'm an Italian livin' in Leicester, UK; After a lifetime of being an ardent Fuzztones fan, I finally got their logo tattooed on my (left) arm this morning, at the "Devil's Own" tattoo parlour here in Leicester and in the presence of my British Cosmic Bride!!! Pretty good reproduction, isn't it? The Fuzztones deserve eternal devotion for putting Rock'N'Roll back on track back in the Eighties, as well as introducing me to Garage- Psychedelic music altogether!!! I saw SO many great 'Tones shows, as well as Link Protrudi & The Jaymen and a great Rudi & The Others gis back in the late Nineties. My fave ever, probably, was the "Lysergic Emanations", NYC line-up show at the indian Biker fest in Metaponto, Spring 1998. I basically went on to start my own band the next day!!! Incidentally, my band "The Viv Prince Experience" later opened for the Fuzztones in Rome in early '06. Long live the cult of fuzz!!!!! ROCK ON, Enrico