I took a trip into London's West End last night to witness a rare UK appearance by Rudi Protrudi and the Fuzztones. The band performed a rip roaring set of 60s garage covers and Fuzztones originals to an appreciative crowd of neo Mods and assorted 60s music afficianadoes with less rigid fashion values. At the point when Rudi introduced the band he made the point that 3 of them were members of the Bonniwell Music Machine from the last European tour (anyone who saw them backing Sean will atest to their impressive musical ability and superb understanding of the BMM ouvre, the BMM London show was one of the most exciting live performances I had seen for many years.) Immediately afterward they broke into an amazing version of "The People In Me" which had the crowd in a frenzy of wild delight. I did hope to get the chance to chat with Robert and Lana after the show in the hope of encouraging them to persuade Sean to come over to this side of the pond for some more shows, but my ears were ringing so much after the intensity of their set that I wouldn't have been able to hear anything they might have said in reply anyway. So, if you are in Europe and you get the chance to see The Fuzztones perform do make the effort, you won't be disappointed. It might be an idea to take some kind of ear protection though ;)